Important: You can only book your topographical skills assessment (test) after you’ve submitted your PCO Licence application and received the email/letter from TfL inviting you to book your Topographical Skills Assessment.

TfL Topographical Booking Number 0343 222 4444

You have to book your test over the phone with TfL (Transport for London) you can call TfL on 0343 222 4444. Follow the steps below if you need additional help.

From the point of applying for your PCO licence to when you take the test can be around 4 weeks.  You only get licensed once you have passed your topographical skills test.  If you fail twice, you will need to restart the whole process of PCO application from the beginning.

Wait for TfL Invitation

Wait to receive an invitation to take your topographical skills test from TfL. This will be emailed and sent to you as a letter.

Choose a test centre

You can only take the topographical test at one of the 2 TfL test centres in London. Then call TfL on 0343 222 4444 and book your appointment. If one centre doesn’t have suitable dates, then always ask to find out about another location that suits you.


Prepare for test

Prepare for your Topographical Skills Test. You can do this by taking our Online Topographical Training, which covers all the information you will need to pass your test along with practice questions. You can start training early so you start to understand how to pass the test, we always recommend going through the online mock test one more time before you attend the actual test.

Attend your test

On the test day, you must arrive early and take along your booking letter, ID (drivers licence) and a debit or credit card to make the payment for the topographical test.

Wait for results

The test lasts for 2 hours and you must get 60/100 to pass. Your results are not given to you on the day, TfL will adjudicate the test and then send you the results via email/letter.

Things to remember!

  • You can only book your test once you are invited by TfL
  • You cannot book directly via a test centre
  • You cannot use your previous topographical skill certificates.
  • However, once you pass the new topographical skills test you will be on the TfL system for life.

Documents Required

on the test day.

  •  Proof of ID
  •  Payment for the test

If you do not bring your ID, you will not be able to take the test and this will also be marked as a fail. So, you will only get 1 more turn to do you Topographical Test.

Prepare Online

with our Online Topographical Training! – Coming Soon!

List of TfL Topographical Test Centres

Centre Name Location Full Address Test Days Current Status
TfL Baker Street Central London Transport for London - 210-212 Baker Street, London, NW1 5RT 5 Days a week
By TfL invite only - More Information
TfL West Kensington West London Transport for London - Ashfield House - 7 Beaumont Ave, West Kensington, London W14 9UY 5 Days a week
By TfL invite only - More Information

Getting ready for your Topographical skills test

Find out how we can help you prepare to pass the TfL Topographical skills test.