Important:  TfL only accepts Enhanced CRB Checks from their official service provider GBG Online Disclosures.  This also makes the application process faster for you, as TfL are able to get updates on your CRB check as they are happening.   CRB Certificates will not be accepted from anywhere else.


Note: The CRB Check is also known as Enhanced DBS, Criminal Background Check, DBS Barring & Disclosure certificate.

Enhanced CRB Check for PCO Licence application

You will need to visit the official GBG Online Disclosures websites registration page which you can find the link for below.

Step by Step Guide

CRB Check application for Private Hire Drivers explained in the video.

Register with Online Disclosures

Visit the Online Disclosures Registration Page

Remember you will need to use the TfL assigned codes for drivers when registering. For new drivers, the code is 104172 and for drivers who are renewing their existing PCO licence, the number is 104173.

You will also need the TfL organisation: TPHCRB

Get your documents ready

The key to getting your CRB completed correctly and avoiding delays is to get your documents in order before you start filling out the Enhance CRB application form.

Make sure you have the following ready:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • NI Number
  • Biometric Card (if applicable)
  • Bank Statement (No older than 3 months)

Fill in the online application

Make sure you ready every sections and remember you will need to provide additional address and dates if you haven’t lived at your current address for more than 5 years.

If you have ever changed your name, you may need to also provide a deed poll.

Print Verification

After you’ve completed the application, you will need to print out the verification page and take it to your nearest post office that offers the CRB Check service.

Make sure you take your ID and Proof of Address documents that you used on your application.

The waiting begins

After you’ve completed the Post Office verfication, its just a case of waiting for the process to go through, this can take anything from 2 weeks to 3 months and in rare cases even longer.

While you wait, you can start going through your TfL application form and begin your Topographical Skills Training.

You will need the following

before you start your CRB Application

  •   Valid Email Address
  •   Valid Passport or EEA ID Card (it must not be expired, and it cannot be a photocopy)
  •   UK or EEA Drivers Licence (must be valid and your name and address should match your other documents)
  •   Proof of Address dated within 3 months (this can be your bank statement or utility bill and it must have your name as it is printed on your ID and Drivers Licence)
  •   National Insurance Number
  •   Address for the places you have lived in the last 5 years
  •   Access to a printer – This is to print out the document to take to the Post Office for ID verification and payment.

Delays in CRB Process

You can track your application by visiting the Disclosures & Barring Service website and entering your DBS Applicant Form Reference and Date of Birth.

Delays are common and sometimes there is nothing you can do but keep on checking for updates.

Online Subscription Service

You can keep your CRB up to date by subscribing to the GBG CRB update service.